A Surfing Christmas
Meryl Norris

Scott Chester won't have anything to do with his family's new Christmas traditions. No way is he going to stay at home, having a traditional Christmas dinner. He's already planned the perfect day at the beach with his best friend, Nick. He can't let Nick spend Christmas all on his own. Scott's mum has other ideas, however, and the boys are in for a Christmas surprise.

Billycart Chicken
Janette Brazel

After a failed attempt at racing a homemade billycart, Harriet's younger sister Kat becomes obsessed with speed. Kat is determined to take part in a billycart derby, but her parents will only allow Harriet to drive in it, as Kat is still too young. Harriet-pushed willy-nilly into the scheme-is terrified of getting behind the wheel again. On racing day, however, Harriet proves she's no chicken after all. She starts enjoying herself ... until her crazy little sister manages to cause a big upset and get Kat into trouble once more.

Bridging the Snowy
Goldie Alexander

Every summer, Rowan and his cousin Zach camp in the Snowy Mountains with their families. The adults love the annual reunion,
but Rowan dreads having to spend time with Zach. Zach is taller and stronger than Rowan, and loves to take risks. He also loves to tease Rowan. But when disaster strikes while the boys are on a hike, it is Rowan who must risk his life to save Zach.

The Bushfire Brumby
Delwyne Stephens

Rachel and Tim love visiting their brother Roger on his farm. They are thrilled when Roger agrees to let them keep a brumby that has been caught on a neighbour's property. When bushfire threatens their farm, Rachel, Tim and Roger must flee to safety-and the brumby comes to the rescue.

The Croc Shock
Sharon L Norris

Jack loves wildlife. When his class has Show and Crow day, he can't wait to introduce Crook, the baby crocodile, to everyone. But is the school ready to meet Crook? How much trouble can one small crocodile cause?

Fencing with Fear
Katheryn Apel

Brette and her brother are on a routine trip with their father, checking the fences on their property. All goes well until an accident leaves Dad hurt and unconscious. Brette must cross a swollen creek and travel over kilometres of rough county to get help. Will she be able to do it in time to save her father?

Ghost Gum
Jeannie Meekins

Ethan loves working on his family's farm but is shy and awkward around visitors. When he spills tea all over Mrs Henkel at his mother's afternoon tea party, he saddles Thunder and rides off into the bush. It is one place he feels happy and confident. When Ethan realises it's too late to return home he sets up camp for the night. He thinks he is totally alone-but is he?

The Goanna  Island  Msytery
Dale Harcombe

Legend says that the ghost of a pirate haunts the tiny Goanna Island. Leo, new to the area, decides to investigate one day, when the local bully dares him to visit the island. Leo doesn't really believe in ghosts-until he sees a pale face peering at him from a window.
Who is on the island? Are all the legends true?

Noise in the Night
Margaret Warner

During a summer holiday at their grandparents' farm, Kate Firth and her brother Sam find an unusual, blue egg near a river bed. They take it home and build it a cosy nest in their bedroom. That night, a scratching noise wakes them. A mysterious creature hatches from the egg and leads them into a new adventure and some important discoveries.

The Toilet Paper Rip Off
Alan Horsfield

Disaster has hit Tolly's home town-there's a serious toilet-paper shortage. Tempers rise as supplies dwindle and people become desperate. What is causing the shortage? Tolly is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and save the town from an evil toilet-paper scam.

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