Backyard Battles
Trudie Trewin

When the kids from Lavender Street play cricket, Gazza and Sarah are always on opposite sides. Sarah is determined to clean-bowl Gazza. Gazza is determined to hit one of Sarah's zingers for six. Can they learn to work together to win the cricket challenge of the season?

Beware  Drop Bears
Wendy Mclean

Lola hates camping. It's so dangerous-with things that crawl, sting and bite everywhere. So when she has to go on the school camp, Lola is determined to protect herself. But what is raiding the camp at night? And how can you protect yourself against the deadly drop bear?

Pamela Rushby

When the new teacher at Matt's school gets all the boys involved in sewing, the boys think it's a great idea. So do their mums. But their dads aren't so sure. Until the day of the local show .

Cockatoo Hullabaloo
Liz Flaherty

Cobey's family run an animal shelter. She loves all the animals there, especially Tooey the cockatoo. Tooey is quite a handful, but Cobey doesn't mind. Unfortunately, Dad isn't so happy with Tooey's cheeky ways. But when the shelter is under threat, Tooey shows just how clever a cockatoo can be.

Emily's Sheepdog
Tracey Slater

Emily wants a dog for a pet. Dad says they can only keep working dogs on the farm. But that's not stopping Emily! She finds a way to have her very own dog with a little help from a  sheep called Poddy.

Fatima's Caterpillar
Elizabeth Smart

Fatima has just started at a new school. She doesn't speak English or know any of the other children. Everything feels strange to her. But a new friend and a wiggly caterpillar show Fatima that life in this new country might not be so bad after all.

Sailing in the  Alice
Kim Rackham

When Dad says they are going in a boat race, Mia thinks he's crazy. They have no boat and the river is completely dry! But Dad and the people of Alice Springs show Mia that you don't need water-or a boat-to have a great time sailing!

Sink or Swim
Jane C Scott

Today is an important day. It's Mum's birthday-and the first day of swimming lessons. The only trouble is, Tom hates the water. Can a cool swimming instructor (and a few five-cent coins) help Tom get over his fear? And will Tom be able to get a birthday present for his mum?

The Best Sleepover Ever!
Rowena Cory Daniells

Jake is excited. He is finally allowed to have a friend sleep over. He is determined it will be the best sleepover ever. But Jake's older brother and sister are also determined-to make sure the sleepover is a disaster!

The Big Blowie
Sally Murphy

Every afternoon, tourists visit beautiful Lake Blowie. They have afternoon tea at Syd's place and buy postcards and souvenirs. But the drought has made the lake dry up. The tourists have stopped coming. A new attraction is needed-and Syd knows just the thing!

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