The Copperhead
Delwyne Stephens

Rachel can't help getting into trouble. She never means any harm but she always seems to act without thinking. Life is easier when she is visiting her brother's farm with her parents and younger brother, Tim. Here, she can roam around freely and look for blue-tongue lizards. But when Tim mistakes a copperhead snake for a lizard, it's up to Rachel to show how resourceful she can be.

The Football
Jeannie Meekins

Charlie and Liam dream of owning a Sherrin football signed by Nathan Buckley. They do odd-jobs to save up the money they need to make their dream come true. But their plans go astray when they need to help their mate in trouble.

Blubber and Floss
Liz Flaherty

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an elephant seal for a pet? Sam, Ashley and Max befriend one at the local beach and name him Henry. Henry is one crazy seal and gets up to all kinds of mischief. The kids love Henry but the local carnival workers don't they blame the seal for breaking carnival property. But angry carnies are no match for a slippery seal, his friends and some fairy floss.

No Presents for Christmas
Barry Corozzi

Would you like to live in the 1930s? You would have no TV, no computer, no CDs. Your family probably wouldn't even have a car. Life was hard but the children who lived back then knew how to make their own fun. And they didn't let something like having no money for presents stop them celebrating Christmas.

Shape Shifters
Goldie Alexander

Bullies are terrible. And Acacia, with her blonde curls and pretty face, is the worst. Penny doesn't know what to do about her but Lei-Lei, the new girl, has a secret weapon. With the help of Lei-Lei's grandmother, Penny finds she has the power to change the people around her. But what happens if this power gets out of hand?

Magpie Madness
Judi Pope

It's that time of year again—magpie season. Sam has been attacked by one on the way home and she is not happy. But she's not the only one with magpie trouble. The postie has refused to deliver the mail until something is done about the swooping magpies on his mail route. Sam vows to come up with a solution to the problem. With the help of her best friend Diana, and new girl Bianca, Sam comes up with some creative ways to stop the pesky birds. But will the solution turn out to be worse than the problem?

The Crossover
Fiona Sievers

Cats have been disappearing in the town where Gemma and her brother Ned live. When their friend Matt's cat goes missing, the three children set off to find him. Their search leads them to the Crossover, a small stream in the local park. Where has all the wildlife gone? And what is lurking beneath the water? Could it have something to do with the missing cats?

Jimmy and the Bluebottles
Chris Maher

Jimmy is a Nipper in the local surf lifesaving club. He loves the water and he loves to swim. But the water can be dangerous. One day, while training for a competition, Jimmy is stung by a school of bluebottles. Even when his stings have healed, Jimmy is scared to go back in the water. Will Jimmy give up swimming forever?

Macca Dacca
Chris Maher

Angus and Ahmed love playing rock and roll and dream of following in the footsteps of ACDC. A local Battle of the Bands competition gives them the opportunity to show everyone just how much their band, Macca Dacca, rocks. Together with Mele as lead singer and Drew on bagpipes, they perform their own version of high voltage rock and roll. Will they rock the crowd? Or will the oily Skinner and his boy band beat them to first place?

Sandy Fussell

The Rescue Agent Team (RATs) want to save the world. Where better to start than in their home town of Bogabilla? Someone is stealing the town's milk and the RATs are determined to catch the thief. But they are in for quite a surprise when they discover the Milk Mugger's identity.

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